Kylie Odetta

"I wrote this song when I was sitting at my piano one day, crushed by the weight of the world and all of the hurting people in it. This world can be a dark and heavy place... but as I was sitting there, a voice popped into my head reminding me that it only takes one flicker of light to cut through the darkness. If you're in a pitch black room and you light a match, it will cut through the dark and be seen. Every. Single. Time. We have the ability to be that light. There is still hope. There is still love. This song is my heart for the world... my heart for you, written in lyrics and performed by a gospel choir, saxophone, piano, drums. I hope you'll listen to it as loud as you can on your late night drives back home... or gently in your headphones to remind you of the light when you wake up tomorrow morning. I hope you feel ignited by the fire inside you when you listen. And then I hope you fan that flame to everyone you meet. Thank you." -Kylie Odetta

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    FLAME 4:09