Black Flame Heart T-Shirt
  • Black Flame Heart T-Shirt

Black Flame Heart T-Shirt


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FanTheFlame is a movement that started long before Kylie's new song "Flame" was ever released. This is a world that is in need of light and love and hope and Kylie believes that we each carry a flame of these within us. When she was sitting at her piano writing this song, a voice spoke to her saying "it only takes one flicker of light to cut through the darkness". So now she poses the question: Will you be that light in somebody's life? Have you acknowledged and found the light in your own life? Will you fan the flame? Because there IS hope and one person CAN make a difference. If you feel called to bring hope to the world and the people around you and not just keep it to yourself then wear this shirt as a reminder to yourself and a conversation starter with someone else! Join the #FanTheFlame movement and purchase your T-Shirt today! <3

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