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Throughout the release of Kylie's new EP, Character, she is giving 50% of all streaming sales to Beyond Differences. She is also collecting donations via her website of which 100% of donations will go directly to Beyond Differences. You can select whatever amount you'd like to donate here!

Read more about Beyond Differences below:

The mission of Beyond Differences is bringing people, ideals, and principles together to create a more progressive and inclusive community. Our three areas of concentration are: Race Relations, Youth Development and Engagement and Public Safety. In addressing and resolving the issues of race, culture, and ethnic conflict through projects, events, and cross- culture dialogues we produce communities of trust. The youth component of Beyond Differences is the Greenville Youth Cross Cultural Leadership Council.

With everything going on in the country, many people are wanting to join in the conversation about racism and fight for racial justice for maybe the first time. Kylie felt it was important to provide a tangible step of action that her local community could take by supporting this Greenville organization that has been focused on race relations for many years. She has personal experience with Beyond Differences and has seen the impact of the work they do with youth. Please consider donating!

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