Too Broke Too Busy

Kylie Odetta

The song is soulful & jazzy with harmonies, saxophone, and lyrical goodness all woven together to create a fresh and “got it on repeat” vibe. Odetta wrote it based off of a conversation with her friend and then later created the arrangement with her band, otherwise known as the 'dream team’. It’s about the difficult, hilarious, inspiring, and relatable pursuit of following your dream. It’s full of confidence and charisma and reflects how much Kylie has grown as an artist and human.

"I asked a friend of mine to hang out one weekend and she answered that she was "too broke and too busy” to do anything. I jotted the phrase down because I found it super relatable and catchy and ended up writing the chorus of this song shortly after. I think we have all felt like that at some point or still currently do. So the song is coming from this kind of funny but honest place of what it looks like to chase dreams. The lyrics are all very personal to my own life experience and I hope to encourage people to laugh at themselves as well as find community as we relate. The pursuit of a dream is so worth it but it’s not always easy. I want this song to bring a certain lightness to that very struggle so that instead of crying in frustration, people are smiling and jamming out to it in their car, their room, at my show, or at a party with their friends.”

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