Like, Literally

Kylie Odetta

This new song is sassy and fun and I had the most freeing experience writing it with Danny Ross. ❤️ There are so many different sides to us as beautiful, complex human beings. Sometimes I’m hype and sometimes I’m mellow, sometimes I dress in all black and sometimes I wear florals, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry, sometimes I’m crazy and sometimes I’m calm as can be. It’s all me. Sometimes I make music that is soulful and jazzy and sometimes I write songs that are total pop jams. The awesome thing about being free? I don’t have to choose one or the other. I don’t have to limit or squash any part of myself because I’ve come to realize that every part of me is lovable. And so is every part of you. So I hope you listen to this song and feel the confidence and joy and freedom to dance to your own beat and let people see the real you, all of you. Cause you and me? We’re unique... like a t-Rex.

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