Roots & Petals: Hard Copy CD
  • Roots & Petals: Hard Copy CD

Roots & Petals: Hard Copy CD

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  1. Happy
  2. Cry Out
  3. Start Again
  4. Roots & Petals
  5. Look At Us Now

They say that April showers bring May flowers… well Kylie Odetta is bringing the rain this April 17th. Filled with some of her most vulnerable lyrics to date, “Roots & Petals" will lay bare her soul and spirit in the pursuit of healing. A thread of light weaves this emotional and relatable EP together even as it wades through deep and sometimes heavy water. Kylie has found that there is vibrant life on the other side of painful experiences. So press play and get ready to "take a breath, take one step, and start again…”

The new EP will be available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music on April 17th. There will be multiple accompanying music videos, new merch, and visual arts to support the release.

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