Under The Sun

Kylie Odetta

I wrote this song with Jacob & Sita Steele in Nashville, Tennessee the week of February 24th 2019. We had only just met that day and we wanted to write something fun for the summer - we started writing about the idea of a free spirited girl and I imagined her dancing around in the desert. There were a lot of personal touches within the lyrics that each of us connected to especially the line “open sky, I’m never on my own” as we all shared our faith and little bits of our stories with each other. Jacob built the track while Sita and I wrote lyrics and melody. We finished writing the song and I cut a rough vocal on it but when I heard it back later that night I was like “oh God” I need to re-record those. ? So before I left town we got together again and recorded the final vocals. It wasn’t until weeks later when I heard a finished version of the song that it hit me... this song was about me. It was exactly what I was experiencing in life at the time after coming out of an incredibly transformative experience in New York literally just days before writing the song with them. Every single word of the song felt more ME than I had ever felt before. I immediately knew I had to release the song as I found myself dancing to it in my room for hours and smiling at every single line. Every song that I write has a different process, a different story... but they each take on a life of their own. This one in particular helped me realize that sometimes we don’t even notice we’re right in the middle of something beautiful until we get a little time and space apart from it... and then when we look back at it or find it again, we appreciate it so much more.

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